Thursday, May 27, 2010

"How Do You Do It?" post at The Rachel Papers

A post over at "The Rachel Papers", a blog by the author of "The Divided Heart" caught my attention:

Here's an excerpt:

"YOU need to give yourself permission to be an artist (or creative worker of any kind). No one else is going to give you that permission — especially if you haven’t already staked a claim for it in your own heart and mind.

For mothers, this means being very strict with ourselves, which can be half the battle. It means carving out time, against all odds, to devote to our creative practice — because it’s the thing that connects us to ourselves."


The last few nights I've worked until 10 and 12:30 respectively, and attempted a 4:30 am wake up. Slept right through the alarm. I did get work done, nevertheless!

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