Friday, May 28, 2010

Work in progress, May 28

Working off of photographs now -- that I take from fashion magazines and crop and disort. I'm stuggling with figuring out what I want to take precedenc: the lines? the space? These few paintings are more graphic than I'm used to. In my mind is "how to make a painting with less". It's inverse, "how to make a painting with more" will have to wait. I know the value of parameters and restrictions, but I am struggling with this limited palette and marking. I feel corraled. Yet, I plan to stick with it for now.

I have been thinking about surface vs. space. Many of my painting lately have been "flat". I'm trying to figure out if it is okay to me to be flat? Kind of a weird thing. Shouldn't I know that? Nevertheless, there's something effortless that happens when I look at graphic, flat images. And, there's something I like about creating space, and the space that happens in landscapes.
From 2010 May
acrylic on canvas, 42"x44

From 2010 May
acrylic on paper, 22"x22"

From 2010 May

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