Sunday, March 7, 2010

Painting 3/7/10

Started reading Stella's Working Space this weekend. And I thought I was having an original thought thinking about the Baroque and contemporary abstraction! I am really glad this was recommended to me. Also reading a little summary-type book on Mannerism. For some reason I had a tough time in the studio this weekend--I was just off. So, I spent more time mixing paint around than painting. Made some really cool grays. Played around with an orange-red underpainting (thanks Melissa!). Did some reorganizing, some thinking...

I'm becoming fat from not exercising, so I ran for 40 minutes and did a 40 minute exercise DVD. Felt better after that.

I sold a painting this week, which is a good thing, but not such a good thing, because I had to replace it at the gallery, and that took time... I tried unsuccessfully to build a frame for a small piece (I really don't like woodworking), and finally ended up bring over some older work.

I did this work when I was pregnant and thinking about and looking at things floating in the Rio Grande, particularly in the early evening when the surface is quite reflective. I was also feeling fragmented at the time...and imagining bits of paper tossed onto the surface and moving there.

I'm planning to have a more productive time in the studio this week. I got some "administrative" stuff out of the way last week. Kind of stewing on things right now...