Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thomas Nozkowski - Revisited

This video is also worth wathching:


I *think* it's a father with his son. But it makes you realize, as a painter, how you are continually absorbing the visual elements in your environment. And how rich and infitite it all is. I particularly love how Nozkowksi looks at a curved element and says it's the brambled brush to the right that makes it interesting. And the circles of the moss. We live in such a rich and generous world that feeds us whatever we are open to receiving... he says, "what is your sensibility?". We have such a luminous feast everywhere for our artist eyes. I love it. I just love all the things I see... I was reading something earlier today that is related -- written by Nozkowski about an author who spoke of his novel originating from a spoon-shaped puddle. I am not going to take the time to be correct and proper now... but it is so beautiful and truly sublime that we, all of us, can be affected by a simple arc of a color or a line or a shape or a gesture. I personally don't care if the artist can articulate it to me... if they show it to me, I am grateful. I connect, and no more need be said. There is such infinite beauty in our world. I wonder if what I'd really like to explore during this two years isn't aesthestics.


  1. Hey Jill, Hope all is well. I ran across this blog today and thought of you. Check it out.


    It may have some inspiring info.


  2. Jeffrey, Thank you for the link -- great stuff!