Saturday, September 5, 2009

30 Day - Different every day

I have been working on the "30-day" painting yesterday and today.

Here is the end of the day [Feedback so far: "Did Walt Disney vomit?" Maybe I've been hanging out too much in 6-year-old girl land (aka Hannah Montana/High School Musical land). This one either gets gessoed over, or I am going to scrape down my palette and start with a different color scheme:

From 30 Day Painting #1 (June/July 2009)

Here is this morning:

From 30 Day Painting #1 (June/July 2009)

Here is yesterday:

From 30 Day Painting #1 (June/July 2009)

Dave "hates" it: it's not me and it's a jumble of styles and energies. I don't hate it, but it does feel frustrating to have something be new every day...sisyphusian. And I mean that in the sense that I feel I could literally work on this every day for the whole semester and every day it would transform into something new.

I'm annoyed with myself about my attitude today: phusy. I need a mind-shift so I can get back to enjoying painting again. I just remembered that the point of this painting was to see how my energy shifts from day to day. So, it is serving it's purpose.

I may keep working on this painting, of just shift gears. It's a truly beautiful day here in New Mexico. Early fall has these bright blue skies, light breeze, the air smells a little fresher, a little lighter. I've got good music playing, four hours to myself.

Another one in progress:
From September

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  1. Hm.. this 30 day painting thing is interesting. It makes me a little sad. I'd have a hard time I think, daily redoing something, letting it go. I get very attached. So. Do you find that the purpose is to constantly improve the picture? or constantly redo the picture? I like your final product. I don't think it's too Disney. :) I think it's amazing how they change so much from day to day. How long do you work on one painting?