Saturday, August 29, 2009

Painting 8/28/09

This was my first Friday on my new 32 hour a week schedule.

I spent the morning working on making frames (a new thing for me). Ended in total frustration as my miter box doesn't seem to make perfect 45s. I am pulling out the power saw today. [I sold two paintings last week at a co-op I just joined (The Wooden Cow Gallery), so I am needing to get two more framed to bring over there tomorrow].

Worked on Rahda. I have mixed feelings. I think it is getting overworked. And my attempts to simplify have made it more complex. Some of the marks seem "trite", especially where I started going in with wavy "hair-like" marks. Although I am seeing more depth, particularly in the blue background. I may try more layerng (perhaps a glazing). It's very highly saturated.I would like some feedback before I continue, but I don't meet with my mentor until 9/11.

From Radha Inviting Rubens to her Pavillion

I also worked on the so-called 30-Day painting. I am not sure what is going on with the geometric forms yet. I'm just trying out some different techniques to see what happens. I can see how looking at Hannah's painting this week has creeped in with the circles and lines. I was working of an Indian miniature of a rearing elephant, which is where the circle "toenails" came from. I am not quite sure where this is going next.

From 30 Day Painting #1 (June/July 2009)


  1. Jill these are coming along wonderfully. Some real depth and space is being achieved.

  2. Jill, it is good that you are being self-critical, but I agree with Michael and think there are wonderful things happening in both Radha and the 30 day painting. Radha feels more resolved to me, and I don't see enough of those hair like marks to make me think "trite". I really love the depth you have going on in the lower right hand corner. I love that. The only thing I would suggest is to mix quieter areas in with all the activity somehow. Just a thought. I really enjoy areas of visual contrast. Keep going. I am so excited for you!!