Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Miracle of Time

Unbelievable. I went to our HR person (I work for a small software company) to request a slight schedule change to accommodate pickups and dropoffs at my daughter's new kindergarten. I walked out of her office with a sane, humane 32-hour work week that allows me to get my daughter home and fed at a decent hour every day, and gives me every Friday completely off for studio work (that saves 80 minutes of driving on Fridays). And, I get a lunch break! I am crying happy!


  1. Awesome!!! I am thrilled to hear your good news! Also thrilled because it seems you went with what your gut was telling you. Bravo!
    Happy creating,

  2. That's SO GREAT! Congratulations, you must feel really relieved. Huzzah!