Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Biltmore Blue Revisited

Finally got to paint tonight (thank you life!). Ran to the rental after work and painted the back bedroom, picked Kiera up at 7:30, ran home, quick story, lullaby, night-night. Thank god Dave made some salmon and veggies (thank you!). Paint. It's 11:00 and I know I have to get up at 5 am for work...
Tonight I painted two quick sketches on paper from the Phoenix photos. I also went back to my 30 day painting (I switched my 30-dayer to the square painting 'cause I'm liking the horizontal painting). I am not sure what on earth I'm doing. I painted out some big areas and then felt like I needed to slap on some white with a palette knife. Didn't quite look right, so went in with gray on some edges. I like complexity, but I am not sure I can handle it. I've been looking at the Pollock monograph and wonder who says your eye needs to rest?

This weekend I'm hoping to get up to Santa Fe to see a show of Dirk De Bruycker. I need to run up there first thing...I've got to pick Kiera up at noon. On Sunday I want to take Kiera to the Art Santa Fe art fair. [Didn't end up going. Wasn't finished with my paper. On Sunday we had the kids fill bags of stuff to donate. Now you can actually see what is in their rooms. How do kids collect so many trinkets? And Halloween candy from last year?!)

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