Saturday, July 25, 2009

30 Day Painting 7/25/09

From 30 Day Painting #1 (June/July 2009)

This is the latest incarnation of my 30-day painting. I am documenting my process on a single painting. This was one of my assignments as I tend to knock off a painting and never go back to it. I am forcing myself to spend lots of time with one painting to start playing with mark, spacial relationships and color. If you click on the link below the image, you can see what's happened over the last few visits to the canvas.


  1. Are you doing a painting a day!!!?!?!??! UG. How can I keep up?
    Very Challenging.
    I've had block. I'm doing about 1 artwork/ week. And that's like, stress 6 days then make 1 day. hmm... I'm tempted to take the challenge as well. What else do I have to do right?

  2. Jill, how did I miss this one? I adore it! Is it still like this?? Something about the contrasting marks, the pinks and the neutrals, just sings to me. Love it.